Strata Management Services

At StrataComm, we take a proactive approach when handling administrative, financial, and maintenance tasks. We work for the good of the body corporate collective while appreciating the value and needs of each individual owner.

We are here to serve the best interests of the body corporate with a goal to ensure each property owner is satisfied. We work to mediate conflicts between owners while giving all the dignity to express their needs.

StrataComm focuses our honest approach to strata management on helping individual owners understand their rights and obligations.

We adopt best practices used by larger body corporate management firms throughout Australia while sticking to the ideals and beliefs that make Adelaide and the Hills region such a unique place to live. Using local trades, where possible, we oversee that work is done to the highest standard to maintain the value of your investment.

We would love to work with you in helping you manage your community and assist with the routine and annual tasks required under either the Strata Title Act 1988 or the Communities Title Act 1996. These can be onerous and create unnecessary and expensive liabilities unless managed correctly – and we do just that, allowing you to enjoy your investment.

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Local Experts

We understand septic systems, gas tanks and the details of living in the Adelaide Hills & surrounding regions.

Not Just A Number

We pride ourselves on our personalised service and attention to detail. That’s why we retain clients for many years!

Ease Of Use

With your own personalised StrataMax login available 24/7, we give you full and easy access.

Body Corporate Managers Versus Property Managers

People often confuse the responsibilities of property managers and body corporate managers. Property managers serve as a liaison between the property owner and the tenant by doing things like collecting rent and conducting property checks.

As body corporate managers, we are here to help, educate, and inform the body corporate. We work directly for you, ensuring that legal, maintenance, administrative, and insurance compliance are maintained. We keep records up to date and notify you of any administrative changes. You can access a unique portal provided to you, to access your community’s records and financials details.

We will assign you an experienced strata manager who will guide you through legislative requirements and help you understand the sometimes complex issues that arise in strata and communities, and help resolve them.

When you work with StrataComm, you have the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your legal, insurance, administrative, and maintenance concerns are being handled by professionals who have the body corporate best interests at heart.

What Are the Responsibilities of Body Corporate Managers?

Our responsibilities at StrataComm can be broken down into the following categories.


  • Maintaining common property – StrataComm will arrange for building repairs and other maintenance in common areas. We can project manage capital works and help negotiate the best pricing for any projects. We use proven and local contractors where possible and we do not receive commission from any works undertaken.
  • Dealing with correspondence regarding the community – We take care of all statutory documentation and provide access to all relevant documents to each owner whilst managing correspondence regarding the strata community. We provide prospective buyers with Form 1 information in relation to your strata community.
  • Insurance – We can obtain quotes before insurance renewal to ensure the best options are provided, and are there to assist with insurance claims if the worst happens.
  • Store all records – We keep detailed records for your strata community. Paper documents stored where necesary but most are electronically stored on-site, and off-site for safe retention, saving you archiving costs. Owners details are securely stored and used only for strata community business. We record all work done on the property, major events that happen within the community and the relevant dialogue that ensued.


StrataComm works with the community to maintain the neighbourhood character that has long been associated with Adelaide Hills and environs. To do this, we may need to tackle a variety of tasks, including:

  • Mediating disputes between owners.
  • Prepare the agenda for General and Annual General Meetings, preside over and manage the meeting ensuring it meets statutory requirements.
  • Document and distribute minutes of meetings to every owner.
  • Reinforce rules that apply to property owners. For example, where pet ownership is not approved we would seek to effect compliance. If pets infringe on a neighbour’s property or on their right to enjoy quiet, we will work to resolve the situation.
  • Coordinate repairs and capital works with appropriate trades, keeping owners informed of start dates and progress to minimise disruption.
  • Respond promptly to emergency situations.


StrataComm will manage the financial matters pertaining to the property. Some of these include:

  • End of financial year reporting.
  • Cost projections for administration and sinking fund budgets.
  • Levy accounts and arrears follow up where necessary. Monitoring invoices for part and full payments and reconciling each account.
  • Ensuring all payments to suppliers are made on time, including assisting with any disputes.
  • Ensuring that the property has adequate insurance as set by owners and that the insurance is paid and up-to-date.
  • Provide a full spectrum of payment channels for levies, including Bpay, Post Billpay, EFT, Credit Card, Direct Debit and Cheque.
  • StrataMax Portal Access – This secure portal provides specific information to your strata community such as financial statements, invoices, levy’s, minutes, and by-laws or articles.

StrataComm Is a Strata Manager You Can Trust

At StrataComm, we recognise that we have an extensive responsibility, and one we take very seriously. We do not spread ourselves in other business areas but specialise in body corporate management, to your benefit.

You have chosen to invest in Adelaide and the Hills. Since StrataComm is a local firm, we well understand the needs and concerns of our community.