About StrataComm

StrataComm Management Services is not just in the business of properties. We are about building relationships. We serve the community of the Adelaide Hills and suburbs of Adelaide. Our clients include both investors and owners living in strata communities.

Working for You and with You

From our organisation’s inception, we appreciated that we could become valuable and accomplished in our field if we were doing something that we loved. And we do love our community and what we do.

Adelaide is our home and at StrataComm we appreciate the subtleties about our community that make it different from larger interstate metropolitan areas. This understanding complements the way we proactively manage our customers and their needs.

We want you to be happy with choosing StrataComm as your body corporate manager. To this end, we strive to empower you by sharing knowledge but also assist you with the intricacies of community living, for the benefit of all.

Living in a strata or community has a unique lifestyle that can provide many benefits. Sharing maintenance costs, a community and neighbourly atmosphere, increased security, and often less outdoor area to personally maintain, to name some. However, there are also responsibilities and legislative requirements that may be new to you or that can change from time to time. We want to help you navigate these to be happy with your choices.

Our goal is to inform, educate, and help you every step of the way.

A Practical Approach to Strata Management

We are a corporate member of the professional institute Strata Community Association, the pinnacle body in Australia for strata and community managers and owners. We are trained and fully equipped to handle the financial, administrative, insurance, and property maintenance for your community.

Being local, we visit your community periodically to observe appearance and overall condition. This helps us to ensure that trades such as gardeners are doing what is expected and helps us to be able to accurately report to you. If there is a problem, we can usually be on-site in minutes, if necessary, and have the required trades available.

The Adelaide Hills and the surrounding suburbs hold a special place in our hearts. All our staff live here and we know it and its nuances, very well. We understand bores, septics and storm water challenges in hilly terrain and are proud to be based here. In fact, many of our customers are also neighbours.

We have a good working relationship and respect the hard working trades that keep our customers happy. We especially thank our growing base of customers that often recommends us to others. We look forward to the role we will play in working with you.