Our Services

At Stratacomm as part of our management services we can

  • Arrange, prepare and distribute meeting notices, agendas, proxies, budget estimates and financial reports.
  • Attend and conduct meetings  on your behalf .
  • Prepare and distribute minutes.
  • Levy accounts and arrears follow up.
  • Maintain a database of owners.

  • Arrange for maintenance and repairs to your common property.
  • Respond promptly to emergency situations.
  • Visit the property at least twice a year - and because we are local we can be onsite in a matter of minutes to inspect any issues that are of concern.
  • All our contractors are 'tried & tested’  and give us priority service. No commissions are recieved from our maintenance teams. 

  • Stratamax Portal Access, which includes information such as Financial Statements, Invoices, Levys, Minutes, By-Laws or Articles, Details Update, Agendas.
  • Provide a full spectrum of payment channels for levies….. Bpay, Post Billpay, EFT, Credit Card, Direct Debit and Cheque.
  • Send quarterly levies maintenance and other contributions
  • Pay accounts and outgoings in seven days.  

  • Organise insurance renewals.
  • Organise insurance claims.

  • Heritage Listed Properties.


Levies explained:

Often unit owners mistake levies and management fees. 

Management fees are the charge incurred for a Body Corporate Manager to oversee the running of your strata/community title. This fee is included as part of your levy which is set each year, by way of the budget, at your annual general meeting.

The budget is presented at each annual general meeting for the approval of all members.  The proposed budget contains the essential items such as water, sewerage, electricity, insurance, sinking fund and management fees.  Gardening, cleaning, repairs and maintenance can be added. 

 The sinking fund is a savings plan that is used to save money for any major capital works that the body corporate may need to undertake (ie. road repairs/relay).  It is easier to endure a small financial outlay now than it is to suffer with a larger financial burden later for a capital expense.

The budget is an ordinary resolution and only requires a majority vote.  Our recommendations can be increased, decreased or adopted as per the majority of owners present.

Please note; we do not charge for disbursements (photocopying, postage, phone calls, emails or internet access) to help the body corporate to achieve its common and financial goals.

From the monies that are received from the levies we are able to pay your statutory charges, insurance and on-going costs.  The total funds that are left unspent will be available for future use.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss your Body Corporate needs.

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