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Q: Can I have a pet in my unit?

A: "Subject to the Strata Titles Act 1988, a person bound by these articles must not, without the Strata Corporations consent, keep any animal in, or in the vicinity of, a unit.”  

However, according to Section 19(4)((c)) of the Strata Titles Act 1988, the Corporation cannot "prevent an occupier of a unit  who has a disability from keeping a relevent animal at the unit, or restrict the use of a relevant animal by the occupier if the relevant animal is trained to assist the occupier in respect of the disability.” 

That being said a formal request may be made to the Body corporate for approval of an animal by way of majority vote at a general meeting on a case by case basis.

Q:  What Insurance does our Strata need?

A:    Strata Title Properties must have Building & Legal Liability cover for the common area, along with fidelity guarantee cover. The body corporate insurance is a legal requirement and it is up to the body corporate to ensure they have sufficient coverage.

Q: Can I install an air-conditioner in my unit?

A: Details of the proposal will have to be submitted in writing to the Body Corporate.  It is  recommended that all air conditioning units are installed in the same location as other air conditioners in the complex and that any fans or motors do not disturb any other units surrounding.  If no other air conditioners are installed then an application to the committee should be made advising the best location to install a unit. 

Q: I want to renovate my kitchen?

A: Providing no damage will be caused to any common property the occupier of a unit may, without the consent of the body corporate, renovate the inside of their unit. Please note that in order to maintain co-operation and cohesion in the units please keep noise, dust and dirt to a minimum.  It is also your responsibility to ensure that no left over building materials are left behind in the common areas. Permission may be needed for trade access/rubbish removal on common property.

Q: There are some repairs I would like carried out by our Body Corporate.  How do I get the Body Corporate to consider the proposal?

A:  Prior to the next annual general meeting, you should send a motion to the secretary or Body Corporate Manager with a request that it be included on the agenda for discussion.  Don’t forget to put together a compelling case to justify why the repairs should be done.

Q: Why do I have to contribute to repair damages caused by salt damp to other units?

A:  The foundations of the building are considered common property. Therefore damage caused by rising damp falls on the shoulders of the corporation due to the fact that the damp course, which protects the walls, has been breached.

Disclaimer - Any information given is a general guide only. It is not a substitute for legal advice. Please contact the legal services commission, a community legal centre or a private lawyer for detailed advice.

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