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Q:  How do I change my Body Corporate Manager?

A:  Please check the contract* signed between the body corporate and the body corporate manager.  Once you have established the terms & conditions you can wait until your next Annual General Meeting or you can call a General Meeting. *Under the new legislation all body coporate managers have to include in their contract the termination rights of the corporation. 

Q:  Does the Body Corporate need insurance?

A:    YES. Both Strata & Community Title Properties must have the correct insurance policies to cover their Common Property. The body corporate insurance is a legal requirement and it is up to the body corporate to ensure they have sufficient coverage.  

Q: Am I allowed to park in the visitors car park considering I am a resident owner?

A: If the provision of a visitor’s car parking area was a condition of the Development Consent, parking by a resident is usually not permitted.  However, if this is not the case, the Owners Corporation may permit a resident to park in the visitor’s car space.  Commercial Car parking rates may apply in some units.

Q: I am a tenant in a Body Corporate.  Do I have a right to attend any Body Corporate meetings?

A: No, you do not have the right to attend any meeting of the Owners Corporation unless an owner has appointed you as their proxy.

Q: What is a sinking fund and what is it for?

A: A sinking fund is money set aside by the corporation to cover major capital works that will occur in the future. Items such as painting, major repairs, road repairs/relays, refurbishments and substantial upgrades are items that sinking funds are generally set for. 

Disclaimer - Any information given is a general guide only. It is not a substitute for legal advice. Please contact the legal services commission, a community legal centre or a private lawyer for detailed advice.

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