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Q: Can I have a pet?

A: It will be different for each Community Title. You will need to refer to your By-Laws for your particular corporation.

However, according to Section 37(1)((d)) of the Community Titles Act 1988, the Corporation cannot "prevent an occupier of a unit who has a disability from keeping a relevent animal on the lot or restrict the use of a relevant animal by the occupier if the relevant animal is trained to assist the occupier in respect of the disability.”

Q:  What insurance does our community title need?

A:  Community Title Properties must have common property and legal liability cover for the common area, along with fidelity guarantee cover. The body corporate insurance is a legal requirement and it is up to the body corporate to ensure they have sufficient coverage. All owners will be required to take out a building/home insurance policy for their own property.

Q: Can I install solar panels on my unit?

A: Please refer to your corporations By-Laws, as they will outline what approvals are needed, if any.

Q: There are some repairs I would like carried out on the common property.  How do I get the Body Corporate to consider the proposal?

A:  Prior to the next annual general meeting, you should send a motion to the secretary or Body Corporate Manager with a request to be included on the agenda for discussion.  Don’t forget to put together a compelling case to justify why the repairs should be done along with copies of quotes that can be viewed by the other members of the Body Corporate. 

Q: Visitors often park on the common driveway, what can I do to stop this?

A:  By-Laws contain the rules by which the corporation is to be run, and bind all of the owners/occupiers and visitors to the corporation. If your By-Laws state there is to be no parking on the common driveway, they are in breach of the By-Laws and you can request further action to be taken.

Disclaimer - Any information given is a general guide only. It is not a substitute for legal advice. Please contact the legal services commission, a community legal centre or a private lawyer for detailed advice.

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