Our Philosophy

'Working for you and with you'

At Stratacomm we strive to empower you through knowledge and education.

Many buy into communal living without a complete understanding of the 'strings attached'.

On occasion, a contract may even be signed without the purchaser truly understanding all that a community  title or strata title involves.

In this regard, our aim is to help, educate and inform.

We are interested in assisting property owners navigate the changing statutory and legislative requirements, and when necessary meet the complex issues involving this unique lifestyle of interdependant living.

Strata management is not just about property - its about your investment, your home and your security. 

Let us help you.

Stratacomm can work for you and with you.

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Our management style is practical and understanding, fostering an environment of communication and understanding.  

You will have direct access to a managing agent who will act responsibly and with integrity.  We endeavor to solve disputes in a quick and effective manner. 

We aim to give you peace of mind and free up your precious time to do the things that you want to do. 

To that end we are continually striving to be up to date in the changing scene of communal living. Stratacomm is a corporate member of Strata Community Australia (SA) the peak professional body for strata and community titles management throughout Australia.

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